You  Are  What  You  Train  To  Be

A-Game Strength & Fitness
" The greatest crime in the world is not developing your potential. When you do what you do best, you are helping not only yourself, but the world. " - Roger Williams


A-GAME Strength & Fitness, LLC is created, owned, and captained by Mundah Massaquoi. I possess an insatiable passion for health and fitness. My unique skill set and experience in the high-pressure environment of athletic competition, decades of experience in the process of mental/physical preparation for competitive sports, and a complete lifestyle devoted to optimum physical health and fitness, qualify me as a great provider as your Certified Personal Trainer, devoted to helping you reach your optimum health and fitness goals.

Using in a variety of mediums, I provide physical strength training to individuals – from young athletes, to anyone wishing to improve their physical appearance, performance, overall health, and fitness – based on cardiorespiratory, body mass, core, flexibility, and upper and lower body strength measurements. In motivating and coaching clients toward the fulfillment of their health and fitness goals; my approach to training combines techniques of resistance and nutritional programming to compliment a holistically transformative lifestyle process. I design training regimens for clients that build character, produce self-confidence, develop psychological tenacity, and inspire courage. I am skilled and knowledgeable in therapeutic exercise for rehabilitation, flexibility and optimum fitness.

The A-GAME Strength & Fitness personal training studio is located in Fort Washington, MD – just minutes from National Harbor and downtown Washington, D.C. Training is conducted in a safe and efficacious environment under quality supervision to meet the needs of a diverse demographic from athletes to ‘average Joes’, youth to seniors, prenatal to cancer survivors. For your convenience, training sessions are offered off-site anywhere in the DMV metropolitan area; as well as on-site by appointment only. A-GAME Strength & Fitness, LLC takes on all comers and anyone aspiring to develop their A-GAME is welcome…all you need is courage and a pair of sneakers!